Members Recruiting Members (MRM) Program

Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association (MnUSA) announces the renewal of the Members Recruiting Members Program (MRM). One of MnUSA’s most popular membership programs, duplicated nationwide, is now more exciting than ever!Share the greatest winter sport in Minnesota with your family and friends today and receive rewards.

All MnUSA members and clubs in good standing are eligible sponsors simply by using the membership identification number on their membership card or club three digit identification number on new member forms. When you sign up a new member you receive $1 towards MnUSA merchandise or your MnUSA membership renewal for each completed new membership form and dues payment you submit to MnUSA. You will also have the opportunity to win many other prizes throughout the program. The more you recruit, the more opportunities you have.

Use the attached membership form for your first MRMpoint. Additional forms are available from the MnUSA office. With ten (10) newmembers, you become a MRM PRO with special recognition and a special MnUSA name tag.

Printable Membership Form


1. This MRM Program will run from May 1, 2020 through April 30, 2023.

2. Eligible Sponsors are Individual MnUSA members in good standing and MnUSA Clubs and Business Members in good standing

3. A sponsor must submit a completed membership form and dues for the new member along with the sponsor’s membership ID number.

4. Current MnUSA members are considered sponsors simply by using the membership ID number found on their membership card.MnUSA clubs will use their three digit club number. New MnUSA members will receive a membership ID number by mail. All sponsors current or new to the program must use their membership ID number. Confirmation of your membership ID number can be done by calling the MnUSA office at 763-577-0185 or 866-811-7669.

5. Only NEW members to MnUSA will be considered for recruitment points. A new member is anyone who has not been a MnUSA member in the past three years as indicated by the MnUSA database. Only one sponsor may receive the point for a specific new member. Renewals are not eligible.

6. Sponsors may check their point totals from time to time by contacting the MnUSA office.

7. Official notification of point totals will be distributed to MRM sponsors at least annually in the form of “MRM Bucks”.

8. Sponsors may redeem MRM Bucks towards MnUSA merchandise or MnUSA membership. From time to time throughout the program additional prizes may be awarded.

9. Sponsors with a minimum of 25 points may redeem their points at a MnUSA Business Member establishment. (Checks will be made payable to the business or a gift certificate will be purchased.)

10. The interpreting authority of these rules and this program is the Membership Committee of MnUSA. All decisions will be final.