2020 Candidates Speak Out on Snowmobiling

What happens at the legislature is extremely important to the future of the 22,000+ mile snowmobile trail system in Minnesota. Although 96% of the work to prepare and groom the trails is done by volunteer clubs across the state through a grant-in-aid system, it is the legislature that determines how much money is appropriated to pay for the administration, enforcement and the grants for the trails from the Snowmobile Trails and Enforcement dedicated account and passes legislation that positively or negatively affects our sport.

The Snowmobile Trails and Enforcement Account is funded by you, the snowmobiler. Your registration fees, out of state trail sticker fees and the percentage of gas tax which is attributed to snowmobile use go into this account. MnUSA has been at the legislature for over 40 years to be sure the snowmobilers' funds are spent on snowmobile related business. The victories come when we get active, both as volunteers on the trails and as concerned citizens fighting for our future at the Minnesota Legislature.One way we do this is working to get the best candidates elected.Support those candidates who support snowmobiling!Help them out, put out a lawn sign and VOTE. Snowmobiling will stay strong as long as we care enough to be involved.

Click on the Questionnaire Responses link below for answers from the candidates that have responded.

A great number of candidates have responded and we are honored and gratified by the number and thoughfulness of the responses. Please check back for updated responses.

If you are not sure what district you reside in, go to www.gis.leg.mn. All you need to do is type in your address and the website will tell you your district number and who represents you.

Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Fish Lake Storage



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Ruppert Oil Co.


(507) 763-3778

Madelia Snohawks



Arcadia Lodge



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Johnson Supply Co.



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Hungry Jack Lodge - Gunflint Trail

Grand Marais,MN


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Meyer's Service



Lakes Inn at Dunvilla

Pelican Rapids,MN


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Country Cat

Sauk Centre,MN


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Brewskies Bar & Grill



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