ISMA Snowmobiler Statistics

In today's economy, numbers often dictate business and family decisions. The snowmobile manufacturers in concert with the state and provincial snowmobile associations continually update numbers to support economic impact studies and recreation trends. Following is some general information you may find interesting.

1. The average age of a snowmobiler this year is 39 years of age.

2. The average snowmobiler last year rode 1,121 miles

3. About 50% of all snowmobilers belong to a snowmobile club

4. Approximately 70% of all snowmobilers are married.

5. National statistics show that approximately 70% of all snowmobilers are male;

30% are female.

6. Average family income of a snowmobile family is $70,000 with over 35% of all

snowmobiling families earning over $85,000.00 annually.

7. Approximately 75% of all snowmobilers have seen the Safe Riders!safety

logo and understand the campaign and position statement of the safety effort.

8. Approximately 70% of all snowmobilers trailer their snowmobile to get to

trailheads and or snowmobiling locations.

9. Snowmobilers love their winter activity of choice and the average person

spends approximately $2500.00 per year on snowmobile related activities

which include food, lodging, but does not include the purchase of a

snowmobile or equipment.

The numbers are impressive and help to highlight the underlying strength of the snowmobile community and its importance to the economy. Snowmobiling generates slightly over $27 billion worth of economic activity in theUnited States and Canada and is directly responsible for at least 85,000 full time employment jobs, most of which are located in rural parts of North America.

The manufacturers continue to work collectively on the development of the Go Snowmobiling campaign and we have recently concluded some of the focus group work attempting to better understand the snowmobiling public and the barriers to entry that exist for those that do not snowmobile. Our findings cause us to be optimistic looking into the future of snowmobiling. Over 97% of all present snowmobilers love the activity to such a degree that they have absolutely no intention of ever leaving snowmobiling. Snowmobilers plan to snowmobile their entire lives. The high level of commitment to snowmobiling is phenomenal and an envy of other activities. The support for snowmobiling as a lifestyle is a testament to the quality of trails and riding areas, and the vehicles themselves as well as the social network and friendships so important to us.

Non-snowmobilers look at the snowmobile community and wish to participate. The biggest challenge facing us is introducing the activity to non-snowmobilers. Many individuals will not participate in the activity if they are not invited. (Those of us that are fairly new to snowmobiling know that it takes a little courage to drive to the trailhead and get going on your first ride.) The majority of outdoor enthusiasts who do not snowmobile find our winter recreation of choice intriguing and one that they want to join. The general public sees the snowmobile community as a friendly, involved group of individuals with an unrivaled social network and commitment to their activity.

A thorough review of the Go Snowmobiling campaign findings and plans is forthcoming.

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