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Brainerd Snodeos
Contact: George Burton
Brainerd, MN 56401
Back in 1975, in response to a request by the Brainerd City Council concerning safe snowmobiling, a few avid snowmobilers organized and incorporated the BRAINERD SNODEOS SNOWMOBILE CLUB.
With chainsaws, axes, shovels and sweat the Club laid out a trail from Brainerd to Riverton and from Brainerd to Crow Wing State Park .

In 1976 the Club purchased our first groomer ? a twin tracked Ski Doo Alpine, pulling a 4 foot wide homemade drag.

The 150 member strong Brainerd Snodeos now maintain and groom 107 miles of trail from Brainerd to Riverton, to Crow Wing State Park, to Harding and towards Garrison. The present groomers are two Tucker Sno-Cat B2000 with 8 foot wide fully hydraulic drag can smooth the roughest trails in a single pass. The overall length of this rig is about 45 feet and the cost in excess of $ 185,000 each.

Building and maintaining trails is a year-round commitment for the club members who volunteer their time to cut trees, clear brush, pick rock, build bridges, install culverts and put up signs to prepare for the snowmobile season ahead.

The members of the Brainerd Snowmobile Club and our groomer operators that groom our and your trail would like to remind all users that many hours of volunteered time are given each year to make the trail system we have safe and enjoyable for all.

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Club Events

Date: 12/30/2017
Event: Snowmobile Safety Online - Field Day - Brainerd
Description: Snowmobile Safety Online - Field Day is held on 12/30/17 at 10:00 am at Brainerd SnoDoes, 1002 Madison St., Brainerd. Must be 11 years of age prior to class start date to be eligible to take this class.
Date: 12/29/2018 12/29/2018
Event: Snowmobile Safety Youth Online Field Day - Brainerd
Description: Snowmobile Safety Youth Online Field Day will be held on December 20, 2018 at Brainerd Snodeos, 1008 Madison St., Brainerd
Michael Moran will begin class at 10:00 am. Must be 11 years of age before class start date listed above in order to be eligible to take this class. Please contact Mike at 218-851-5668 for additional information.

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