Lincoln Lakes Area Snowmobile Club

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Lincoln Lakes Area Snowmobile Club
Contact: Mick Farber
Motley, MN 56466
The Lincoln Lakes Area Snowmobile Club is celebrating its 20th year during the 2017/18 season. The club, located in NW Morrison County, was started to develop trails to connect the Morrison County trail system to the Todd County trails for the many snowmobilers in the area. The club now maintains and grooms these trails as a part of the Morrison County system.

Until 1997 snowmobilers in northwest Morrison County had no groomed trails linking them to the Morrison County and Todd County trail systems. At that time a few snowmobilers started talking about the possibility of putting in some new trails and discussing how they could get them groomed. Information was sent to the snowmobilers in the area and from that information and by word of mouth, over 50 people attended a meeting to form a club ? Lincoln Lakes Snowmobile Club.

Members went to work putting in the necessary 26 miles of trails to link to the existing trail systems. At the time no grant-in -aid funds were available for new trails so the new trails were funded by the Lincoln Area Business Association. With so few miles, it wasn't feasible to purchase a groomer, so the club contracted with Morrison County Trail Association to groom the trails. Since that time, additional miles of trail have been added to the club system linking Pillager and Motley. The trails are now in the grant-in-aid system and the club does the trail work and grooming on behalf of Morrison County.

Building and maintaining trails is a year round commitment for the club members who volunteer their time to cut trees, clear brush, put up signs, install gates and meet with landowners for permission to use their property for the trails.

The members of the Lincoln Lakes Area Snowmobile Club and our groomer operators would like to remind all trail users that many hours of volunteered time are given each year to make the trail system we have safe and enjoyable for all.

We need your cooperation to keep our trails smooth. Please help us out
- Always keep to the right
- Avoid spinning your track
- Don't power around corners
- Remember there is a maximum 50 mph speed limit, enjoy the trails and scenery.
- Please stay on the trails - landowners permit their use of their land if we ride responsibly.

Also, please remember you may meet a groomer at any time. They are bigger than you are. Stop until you can safely pass and then ride responsibly. Freshly groomed snow can be thrown from the trails very easily. It takes at least 2 to 3 hours for a newly groomed trail to set up.

Thank you.

The Lincoln Lakes Area Snowmobile Club invites you to join the club and receive the following benefits:
- Club events and rides
- Meet new friends
- Community support
- Automatic membership in statewide snowmobile group (MnUSA)
- Subscription to MnUSA publication - Minnesota Snowmobiling Magazine
- $3500 accidental death life insurance coverage with MnUSA membership
- Support for efforts that promote favorable legislation

We feel the future of snowmobiling depends on all snowmobilers working together to promote the sport. Being a member of Lincoln Lakes Area Snowmobile Club is a way to promote safe, responsible snowmobiling as well as supporting a good local trail system to snowmobile on.

Trail maps are available from many local businesses that advertise on our map.

Club Events

Date: 12/02/2017
Event: December Membership Meeting & Trail Work
Date: 01/06/2018
Event: January Membership Meeting & Ride
Date: 02/03/2018
Event: February Membership Meeting & Ride
Date: 03/03/2018
Event: March Membership Meeting & Ride
Date: 02/10/2018
Event: Vintage Snowmobile Ride

Club Officers

Steve Zahler
Jerry Hanson
Vice President
Danielle Dziedzic
Mick Farber
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